Illustrations for children’s books

About me

My name is Anne.


My favourite thing in the whole world is drawing and painting. I am an illustrator working mainly on books for children. On this website I have put samples of my illustrations and a little about how I work.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you want to know more about my work.

My work

When I illustrate I first draw out my ideas on layout paper. I draw over my pictures again and again, using the layout paper like tracing paper and building up to a final design. Then when I feel I’ve done my very best, I transfer my design onto watercolour paper and start painting.

Work in progress

Presently I’m writing about a dinosaur called Jim who lives on the roof of the Natural History Museum with a colony of bees.

He works as a tour guide and children’s entertainer but his favourite thing is to sneak out of the museum whenever he can and have adventures. His best friend is Rosie. Rosie is the Queen of the bee colony. She is always rescuing Jim when he gets into trouble.

Jim usually sends me a text each week telling me what he’s been up to.

Get in touch

Need Custom Illustrations?

If you like my pictures and need some illustration work done, I am happy to help. Please contact me anytime by email or complete and submit the enquiry form on the Contact page.