Jim’s texts

It was the kitchen playset that did it!

Hi Anne,

My friend Rosie the Queen Bee buzzed me today. She said I haven’t explained to Anne how I came to lose my tooth last week.

So here’s what happened. I was walking round the shops near the Natural History Museum when suddenly I felt REALLY hungry. I saw an open window in a house nearby so I sneaked inside to see if I could find some food. There were loads of toys on the floor but you can’t eat TOYS! Can you?

Then I saw a KITCHEN PLAYSET! It had bowls of fruit, plates of cakes and a big dish of eggs and toast. It all looked DELICIOUS, but just as I bit into a bowl of apples the door opened. It was Tom and Ellie. They wanted MY kitchen playset back.
‘NO!’ I growled.

I raced down the stairs, but Tom and Ellie ran after me into the garden, up the cherry tree, over the shed, along the wall, back into the house and…..’
‘And that’s when you discovered you had broken your tooth!’ buzzed Rosie
‘You are right Rosie’ I said ‘Those apples were made of PLASTIC!


Jim xx